Lancaster, OH Chapter – Catholic Schoolhouse

Director: To add your members as contributors so they can make blog posts, click the +NEW button at the very top of the edit page, then select add user, and be sure to set type = contributor. Use first names and the same password for all to keep life simple. Your members can then make a post that will appear once you approve it.

Welcome everyone! This is your Lancaster blog. Holly Vail will be sending out usernames and passwords. Now, we all have one more way to communicate ideas, questions, and concerns. You can subscribe to this site (click the link on the right hand side of the home page to enter your e-mail) so you know when one someone posts. Have you found a great resource? Are you looking for ideas for a certain subject? Put up a post about it. This is especially handy because the posts will remain on the site, rather than getting lost or deleted from an e-mail inbox. So, get started sharing!